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What happened at the All-School Meeting?

On Monday, May 7, Shelly welcomed parents and staff to the first All-School Meeting to be held in several years. After a moment of silence and a circle, Shelly started the meeting with a recap of what the administration has been up to the last year. Shelly then introduced Board Trustee Katie Roberts.

Katie reflected on the school’s changes and progress over the last 30 years and introduced some of the plans the Board has for the next 30 years. She outlined the areas the Board will be focusing on: programs, resources, infrastructure, role, and spirit. The Board is working with Andy Morikawa to develop specific long-term goals and short-term objectives for each of these areas. The first area the Board is focusing on is infrastructure. A work day was announced to begin tackling some smaller projects, such as installing steps to the parking area and clearing trails in the woods.

Shelly took a quick moment to introduce the board members and staff present at the meeting, and then she called on the BMS Office Manager, Carol Volker, to present the budget for the 2012-13 school year. The budget projects income and expenses of approximately $180,000 and relies on us being able to make our base fundraising goal of about $25,000. Carol shared a pie chart with those present to show how the school plans to spend funds next year. The largest categories are personnel expenses at 78%, supplies and services at 7%, and property expenses at 6%. Carol also shared a bar graph comparing BMS tuition to that of other area private schools.

Next, Board Trustee Cassie Pierce took the floor to present the new Parent Collective. The group will consist of 1-2 parents from each class who will meet regularly to work on special projects and to help keep the lanes of communication open and flowing between families, staff, and trustees. Since the school year is coming to a close, the Collective won't have much on its agenda for now, but Cassie hopes to get a solid group together to help wrap up this year and get ready for next. If you would like more information about the Collective, please contact Cassie.

Development Coordinator Jamie Reygle wrapped things up with information about the upcoming party for the school's 30th anniversary, which will be held May 19. Bands Spoon Fight and Just Jake will be performing, camping is available, and there will be a pig roast, beer, ice cream, lemonade for donations. Jamie passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers to help with the event.

Before the meeting ended, there was a chance for questions about what was presented or anything else on peoples' minds. Here is a recap of the Q&A session:

  1. Are Friday and Summer programs going to happen? Yes. A task force is in place, and these programs are being worked on.
  2. Will Fridays be optional? Yes! They will be stand-alone enrichment days that may also be open to homeschoolers.
  3. Are we still working on becoming accredited? Yes. The board and administration are already taking steps towards this goal. The first being obtaining our 501c3 status, which we should have by the beginning of the next school year.
  4. Will there be teachers on the Parent Collective? Parents who are also teachers at BMS are welcome to join. A member of the collective will also report at staff meetings to keep the communication line open.
  5. Tell us more about the summer programs! There will be three 1-week sessions for ages 3 and up. The camp will be open to the entire community and not just BMS students. More information will be coming very soon.
  6. What will the class structure be for next year? Good question! The staff are still considering several options based on projected enrollment for next fall. Please register early to make sure your students get a spot and to help the school plan appropriately!


The April issue of the Indigo Muse is out!

The April issue of our newsletter, Indigo Muse, is now available. Make sure to check it out to see what's been going on at school. Past issues can also be found in the newsletter archive.

May Board Meeting the 9th

Normally, the Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month. The May meeting, however, will be on the second Wednesday.

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