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Gearing Up for School

As summer begins to slowly wind down, it's time to start planning for school. Back-to-school shopping isn't just about pencils and notebooks. Blue Mountain kids spend a lot of time outside in all kinds of weather, so having the right gear is important.

We've put together a list of gear that your child will need this Fall and in the coming winter months. This list was compiled by Teacher Jenni, who leads our outdoor programs. You don't have to choose these specific brands, but comparable items are needed.

We've also compiled a short list of recommended pieces to make up your child's lunch gear. The items we chose are reusable and durable to help reduce packaging waste.

If you have outgrown or unused gear, check out our online gear swap.

Rain Gear

Waterproof boots are a must as well as a hooded, waterproof jacket. A one-piece rain suit may be better for younger kids, while older children may prefer rain pants to go with their coat.

Winter Gear

Often overlooked, hand coverings can make or break a kid's day. Insulated, waterproof gloves work well for older children, but younger friends should have mittens to simplify dressing. The Bogs boots we recommend for rain will work well for snow also, and be sure to have snow pants on hand for wintery days.

Lunch Gear

There are many options out there for lunch boxes and reusable containers. Here are some of our favorites. We didn't list any water bottles because there are too many to pick from! Just be sure to pick something durable and try to avoid un-cushioned glass if possible, especially for younger friends.

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