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Coyote Teenagers

Written by BMS Director, Shelly Fox.

We realized right from the beginning of the Coyote Challenge that having a family of active teenagers who also have other homes meant that we would need to adapt some of the ideas about the Summer Coyote Challenge to our family's needs and abilities.

Making room for each other's schedules and important relationships outside our family means that we might not all be present when we try to do something from the Challenge, but we can still share the experience with whoever is there and then tell other family members about it later. There is no 'wrong' or 'right' way to do it; the simple idea of turning our attention to nature and spending time doing things together outside is enough.

What challenges has your family faced while working on the Coyote Challenge, and how did you work through them? Send text and photos to Carol or share on our Facebook Page with the hashtag #bmscoyotesummer. Families who share their experiences with us will be included in a drawing at the end of August for a family fun nature experience!

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