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Fall Campaign Begins!

We are planning an old-time barn raising here at Blue Mountain School, and we hope you will join us! Of course, we won't be building an actual barn (though that could be fun!). So what are we planning?

In 2018, construction will begin on a new space for our enrichment classes! This space will also be used for school and community events.
We are super excited! 

Like all barn raisings, we can't do this alone. We need your help! To get things started, we have a goal to raise $10,000 over the next few weeks. We also hope to bank pledges for 500 volunteer hours towards the actual Barn-Raising Day. (Keep reading for more info about our Time Bank!)

Click the button below to donate online now, or if you would like to send a check or make a donation in person, you can send an email with your pledge.

A Firm Foundation: Building the Contemplative Progressive Model 

Nearly ten years ago, during the 2008-2009 school year, the school's enrollment dropped to less than 20 students. Big questions about the sustainability of a small, parent-run school in a rural community came up. With those questions also came a sense of possibility as our Board of Directors imagined the ways we could see the school through this part of its story, which was already more than twenty years old.

With open hearts and minds, our Board began the process of identifying some reasons for the drop in enrollment and subsequently began the creative process of developing our current educational model. Exhilarating meetings and passionate debates about education, kids, and community were balanced with grounding, homemade potlucks and camaraderie as we all took turns hosting the group in our homes throughout that winter. Our current educational model and organizational structure grew from a place of friendship, shared vision, and common purpose.  To read the rest of the story about how we have already built a strong foundation for Blue Mountain School, check out our blog...

Many Hands: The Value of Volunteers  

Another memory for me has to do with building the school. After we purchased the property, someone had to cut down the pines (it was 8 acres of wooded land) to clear a site for the school itself. I remember wading into the thicket of pines on a Monday morning with chain saw in hand and wondering where to begin? So, I just started felling trees and limbing, and on it went for basically a week.

-- Bob Grubel

When you visit BMS, the buildings that you see were constructed in large part by volunteer labor. (Check out an article in the June 1986 Floyd Press.) Our school's first families donated countless hours of hard work to create the classrooms we enjoy today. It is in the spirit of the Blue Mountain founders that we call on our community to pledge your time to erect the new Enrichment and Community Building.

We hope to bank 500 pledged volunteer hours, which works out to one work day per student enrolled. We need to fill a wide variety of jobs, including preparing food and providing music for Barn-Raising Day. To make your pledge of time, stop by the office or send an email

Get Paid to Donate!
Would you like to be paid for donating to Blue Mountain School? Through the Virginia State Neighborhood Assistance Program, anyone who files Virginia state taxes is eligible to receive a 65% state tax credit on donations of at least $500 ($616 for a business). Your $500 donation will cost you less than $175!

Help Us Share Our Story

Do you know someone who may be interested in supporting Blue Mountain School? Please consider sharing this email with your family and friends. We love welcoming new faces into our school community!


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