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What We Learned: Flying Rainbow Turtles

What we learned this year, in our own words...

  • How to take care of friends
  • How to take care of our classroom
  • How to take care of Haven

  • What Haven eats
  • Not touching Haven’s head
  • Be with friends
  • Eating, playing, dancing
  • How to hug friends

  • How to be patient
  • How to be a dinosaur
  • How to be a scientist
  • Paleontologist!
  • Playing Jurassic World

  • We find animals that we dig we want to keep them, but we have to let them go
  • Jumping on your knees
  • How to put on my shoes
  • Drawing different stuff

  • How to open yogurt with scissors
  • How to give journals to friends
  • How to draw dinosaurs
  • Playing on the playground

  • Climbing trees
  • And smelling flowers
  • How to let go of the Monkey Bars
  • How to Jump from the Monkey Bars
  • Putting books away

  • I can hang upside down and climb all the way to the top of the Monkey bars
  • I went down every step of the ladder because I’m big now
  • How to sit at circle
  • Criss Cross Applesauce
  • To write the names of family
  • Magnet tiles stick together

  • Not to swing wood really fast
  • It’s good to be mindful and calm and peace
  • To be calm and quiet
  • Not to eat so fast

  • Yoga
  • I learned about flowers and birds
  • Learning the colors of the rainbow
  • Rainbow Song
  • Changing different colors



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