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Impressions of Fall

This article originally appeared in the Indigo Messenger in November 2015. Written by Early Childhood teacher Stefi Schafer.

We have been talking about the change of the seasons for a while now. The changes in weather and temperatures as well as what we can see outside. We decided to take a walk to look for signs of Fall.

Before we set out we collaborated to make a check list of signs of fall: Red, yellow, brown, green and orange leaves, a naked branch, pinecones, wind, acorns, nuts and dead flowers.

We found everything. Mostly we found leaves, a lot of leaves.

I placed a selection of leaves on the art table, we discussed what colors we would need to make a fall painting, and we settled on a sky blue background.

Each child chose how they wanted to represent Fall. Some focused on individual leaves, tracing or copying, some painted a tree with leaves, some painted a leaf pile. Some students selected free-form paintings using the colors in layers and mixing them.





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