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Registration begins in March for the following Fall. Applications for the current school year are accepted and evaluated as space allows.

For new students, the application process is described below.

Step 1. Introductory Visit

Contact the office to schedule a visit by calling (540) 745-4234 or emailing Your children are welcome to visit with you, but it is not required.

Step 2. Meet with Staff

Meet with the director and the teacher for the class you are interested in. This is often done during the introductory visit but may be scheduled for another time.

Step 3. Student Visit

The student attends class for a day to become familiar with the people, places, and rhythms of the class. Teachers will also use this time to determine the student's academic and social-emotional readiness and to get to know your child.

Step 4: Submit Registration Form

Complete the registration form and submit it along with the registration fee to the office. If your child has previously been in a school environment, please have their records sent to BMS. The records should include any academic, health, psychological, disciplinary, and IEP information.

Step 5: Admissions Decision

The director and teachers will review the form, observations from the student visit, and student records. The director will notify parents of the decision promptly.

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