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Middle Elementary

One of the main goals for elementary teachers is to balance their students' need for structure with their increasing need for freedom, choice, and increased self regulation as they grow. Our elementary teachers help students develop self-awareness, curiosity, and confidence by starting most classroom activities with an assessment of what they already know about the topic or skill. This process helps teachers and students to identify the areas that need attention and to develop some expectations and goals for the activity.

As students explore new topics and gain new skills, teachers encourage questions like: What did we expect or need to learn on this topic? What did we do, and what did we observe or learn as a result? Did we answer our questions or learn all that we wanted to about this subject? Do we need to spend more time trying to answer our questions or exploring what we've learned? What new ideas or understandings will we take away from this lesson? Questions like these help students reflect on what they are learning, making new connections and finding meaning in each lesson and activity.

Independent projects and classroom work allow students to practice skills at their own level and to pursue their own interests. Group activities and lessons encourage students to learn important relationship, communication, and leadership skills.

Daily Rhythm

8:45    Arrive

9:00    Gather for Morning Circle and Meditation

9:15    Reading

9:45    Morning Snack

10:00  Enrichment Class

10:45  Writing

11:45  Lunch

12:15  Recess

12:45  Read-A-Loud

1:15    Math

2:15    Science and Social Studies

3:15    Clean-up Time and Gathering for Departure

3:30    Departure



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