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Early Childhood

We know that play is the work of early childhood. Whether children are pretending to feed their friends in their restaurant or are building themselves a house, they are always exploring and learning about the world around themselves. We facilitate imaginative play with realistic and useful tools and activities that both reflect the “real world” of which children are an important part and that foster creative and independent thought.

We view the children in our class as capable contributors in the learning process, and we use an emergent curriculum to develop thoughtful lessons and projects in response to their interests. We treat students’ ideas, thoughts, and questions with respect, and we will often include our students in the decision making process by asking their opinion: “Should we read this book or that book?” We also encourage a sense of ownership by giving children their own personal space as well as holding them accountable for shared spaces.

Each school day has a rhythm that includes choices, focused circle times, outdoor time, and meal time. Art, music, mindfulness, and movement also have an important role in the Early Child classroom.

Daily Rhythm

8:45     Arrival and Welcoming

9:15     Enrichment Class

10:00   Morning Circle Meeting

10:15   Morning Snack

10:30   Choices and Projects

11:25   Clean-up Time

11:30   Reflecting and Development Meeting

11:45   Lunch

12:15   Recess

12:45   Prepare for Rest and Read (Half-day students depart)

1:00     Rest and read

2:30     Afternoon Snack and Choices

3:15     Clean-up Time and Gathering for Departure

3:30     Departure

Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30 -- Elective Time

Preschool Certification Statement

Blue Mountain School, Inc., is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations relating to food services, health and sanitation, water supply, building codes, and the Statewide Fire Prevention Code for private schools in Virginia.

Our preschool program's maximum capacity is 16 students, with a student-teacher ratio of 1 to up to 8. Our staff meet public health requirements for school personnel working in private schools in Virginia, and all Blue Mountain School staff who have contact with children have passed criminal record checks and sign the Department of Social Services’ Sworn Statement or Affirmation for Child Day Programs before signing yearly contracts. Persons who have been found guilty of a ‘Barrier Crime’ as specified in section 63.2-1719 of the Code of Virginia are not employed by Blue Mountain School. Blue Mountain School maintains public liability insurance through the Leonard L. Brown Agency. (Policy number EPP 027 40 78; Expiration 10/01/2017.)



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